Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I did it

I just completed my 45min bike ride on my trainer while watching Stargate. Nothing too extravagant but hey keeping a steady speed for 45min is quite more difficult than I anticipated. So now I'm starving and dinner is almost ready at 9:55pm! Chicken thigh wrapped in prosciutto in a tomato, wine sauce with rice. Yum Yum.
Now onto my next task after dinner will it be working or folding laundry or finally being lazy and just watch TV.
I just enrolled MEC to dance classes. She will be starting on Friday and I'm very curious to see how she is going to handle it. At least she is super excited to be dancing and being dressed as a princess oh boy. Anyways she was all excited trying her ballet flat, and tap shoes. I hope she will last longer than her mom 1 week really wasn't enough for me to learn anything about dancing which explains my lack of "talent"!

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JV said...

That dinner sounds so yummy!