Saturday, October 30, 2010

Running running running...

So I have started my crazy running regimen, crazy for me I mean!
My workout schedule now looks like Mon: strength training with running drills, Tue: 45min run usually hill workout or tempo, Wed: 45 min run of tempo intervals, Thurs 45min Bike workout like a spin class, Fri speed intervals, sat 2:00 run, Sun 1:30 bike easy spin.

So anyways I can tell you my legs are tired but Im two weeks in and I did 90% of the workouts, This week very busy work schedule shorten two runs and zapped the bike workout but that's life.
I'm slow there is no denying it but hey I'm still putting my running shoes and go for my runs. It is not always easy, last weeks two hour run was a piece candy hard but sweet today's was more like Brussels sprout healthy but not too tempting!
Maybe the route was a bit more enticing last week. I ran from my house in Carmel Valley to Solana Beach. most of it done on the beach! It was ejust beautiful! today well a bit more hilly and hotter and well not as nice.
Enough rambling on my runs!

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