Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blah blah

Ok so I have been lost in no blogs land lately but here I am.
Training has seen some highs but mostly lows! I haven't been able to get back into my pre-summer routine. As a result my legs have been in a constant state of fatigued. My runs are slower with a high HR. So since the triathlon season is coming to an end I decided to focus on running! Ironic isn't it... I remember telling B a decade ago that I will never run, I didn't like running then a few weeks later I started my long journey! After my first half I jumped into triathlon to escape the monotony of only running. Yet two seasons later I made the decision to focus on running which with my coach means 5-7 hours of running per week! I am ready for the challenge which I believe in my case will be more mental than anything.
My main goal from now on is not to run faster but to mentally let go of all the "I should be" and enjoy and cherish the "I am"

This is starting this Sunday morning my last race of the season. Last year I ran the 5k at 8 min/mile pace. I wish I could beat that PR this Sunday but this won't be my goal! My goal is to race as hard as I can with only positive thoughts to cross that finish line with a smile on my face knowing that I gave all I had and be happy with my performance!

on the kitchen front I have discovered a new spice. Fennel seed, i am not a big licorice, celery anis taste but this seeds give a new dimension to my recipes... more on this later because B's out of this world's chocolate chip cookie is screaming for my attention! And yes my husband makes chocolate chip cookies from scratch I knew I married him for something

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