Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last tri of the season

So sunday was my last sprint triathlon of the season. Since coming back from France I have had a real hard time to get back into the training groove. I know I probably worked out more than I used to a couple years back but nothing like in march through June! Needless to say that everything was slow and hard which made it very very hard to stay motivated and up beat for the upcoming race! To top it off I had an awesome race last year and I was terrified to completely and utterly suck!
A few weeks back, I was so appalled by my running performance that I had a chat with my coach. We decided to just focus on running for a little while and the most important piece to stop stressing out about performance! I believe running for 5:00 week is going to be the easy part.
So anyways with this change of focus and well being busy at work and tired I wasn't super duper motivated to get up at 4:45am on a Sunday morning.
So well since racing wasn't an option well I decided to just have fun! My coach's goal for that race was just to stay positive and be happy.
Saturday I go through the pre-race motion almost forgot my wetsuit duh go to bed early. Sunday morning up at 4:45am at the transition area at 5:35 and the bike rack is already packed. I find an OK spot set up my bike wander around because of course I can't remember how I should set up. I say hello to a few friends always nice to see some friendly faces so early in the morning. I finish setting up go for a quick warm up jog, knock my time chip off my ankle go get a new strappy thingy and add a safety pin. I say hi to my coach, and finally get my wetsuit and in the water for a warm up swim!
Finally we are off, first half of the swim is great meaning slow but steady. Second half gets croweded and I'm losing my rhythm and my orientation so I weave quite a lot. Finally the swim is over and off on the bike. That is my favorite part the triathlon. I had a bug smile the whole time. In no time I'm done with the bike and onto the run. I try to set in into a good rhythm focusing on my breathing and my rhythm. At the end of first loop I catch sight of my coach and oh boy that was the best feeling in the world! It helped my push a bit harder and I was in the zone nothing in the head just breathing and pushing and checking If I could just keep it up and well the finish line was there!
That a race went by soooo fast. Didn't know how fast or slow I went and didnt care! I gave all I had and I had fun.
So because we still care about timing I did a bit better than last year. About the same on the swim and the run and much much better on the bike!

After that it was family business as usual!
After that back to the car, then on to brunch at the beach grass cafe, then clean and play with the kids.

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