Saturday, May 14, 2011


With important deadlines right around the corner, this past week has been a blur in front of my computer. I wasn't able to make time for a run, nor yoga let alone sewing. On the bright side our project is coming together nicely.
This morning I had my mountain bike clinic. I learned about proper body position, how to love my front break, how look ahead and finally how to take corners and tight switch back.
In the parking lot everything looked great. When we went for a ride I did pretty good but at the first tough switchback with some loose gravel I went bham! It hurt and I was dizzy and all. So I sat on the ground and waited for the rest of the group with the older lady who didn't even want to venture! Shame shame.... The irony, she suggested to her husband to buy mountain bike to go on the fire roads when I knew I wanted a mountain bike to avoid the fire roads, yet we were both sitting on the side of the trails. booh....
So as always have scratches and bruises after riding. I do feel more comfortable, yes I do I'm also better at gauging what I should walk down. So maybe in a decade or two I'll be able to not fall too much.
At another point the people in front of me stopped in a hill which forced me to stop abruptly myself and well rammed my butt on my seat and bruised my tailbone.
I don't know why this stupid tailbone is so so painful and now sitting in the couch is not pleasant.
What else has been happening, after snoozing for a while on the said couch I was able to finish a little sewing project and put my first label on. Well yes in case you missed that my labels arrived last week and they are just plain awesome.
So I hope to be posting some pictures over to bopple kids soon.

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