Sunday, May 8, 2011

No Sir...

The getting up early for a run didn't happened last week neither did the run at lunch or run in the evening I might add. Well I will blame work and I'm not even looking too hard for an excuse as work has ramped up. Heck today (sunday afternoon) I worked instead of sew and I have a mile long list of projects!
However the little I was able to do put my stress at ease for the evening so I can sew another day!
What else has happened since last tuesday at work a lot of fighting with XCode 4, subversion and Objective C, oh C# Microsoft Visual Studio how I've missed you.
Eventhough I wasn't able to get my running shoes I did go to yoga and I worked hard on those vinyasas and well my arms were sore.
Saturday morning I went running with a friend of mine who was worried she wouldn't be able to keep up ahahah big joke I was worthless and we had to run/walk a measley 3M! The only excuse I may have had is that I never workout in the morning, I'm PMSing and I've been tired!

But by 10am we were done with our workouts we shared breakfast at the Beach grass with them and their kids. It was fun and oh my wouldn't I die for a 3rd kids if only I could order a 2year old.... Their little boy is just too darn cute!
After that we came home I sewed a little got started on a baby project and a mama project.
Then I had to make a bunch of gougeres and an orange cake to bring to some friends house.
We had a great great dinner, the kids once more played well together. Lots of wine got consumed and well I was asleep at 9:45pm

Mothers day was great. The kids each bought me a bouquet of flower and B bought me an orchid. We went to some other friends house and again I fell in love with their 2yr old boy.
It was great to catch up. The kids played well again! We then went for lunch, followed by grocery shopping and a hike on Torrey Pines. It was awesome.
Got home, cleaned up and worked... now off to bed with a book! Next week I shall improve my running mileage because 3M is just plain pathetic!

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