Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Training hiatus that is... Well I thought I would be able to sustain my workout regimen without a coach. Sadly I am failing miserably. Maybe it has nothing to do with the coach but just with my lack of enthusiasm for racing. Maybe work and other interest are using the little free time I have. Well maybe all this is true but I miss it!

So I need to bring back the discipline and since well my lunch are used by work well I shall try to get my butt out of bed a tad bit earlier in the morning. So tomorrow I shall try to get up and go for a 30 min run.
This saturday I was all motivated to go for a 1:30 but heat plus a trip to Joanns drained my wallet and my alloted free time!
However the following day I went back on my mountain bike. B was there and the neighbor joined the party. After huffing and puffing on del mar mesa (can't believe B went running there the day before) I went for a full on adrenaline fest which left me quite emotinal. After a few hard spots where I went off the bike (do not like going downhill on loose round rocks) I managed to almost hang on due to their frequent stops on my behalf. I went over some technical spots on my bike.
I even went through a patch of flowers as tall as me...
So all in all it was fun I worked hard gathered a few bruises!
On the family front we are giving the family dinner another try. After finding ourselves eating every day at 10pm we decided that maybe we could all eat around 7:15pm. It is our second week and I am loving it. First of all we are done with dinner at 8pm. We have had 30min of family time without an electronique device. The kids are enjoying it and we don't snack as much.

We still haven't figured out how to go to bed early and I have a bad feeling about being able to get up 30min earlier than usual tomorrow....

The only thing is that I have to prepare dinner as soon as I get home and I need to find simpler meal for the whole family to enjoy! So far so good!

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