Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wednesday but really it should be Friday

I won't lie I am tired, and I want WANT a vacation but unfortunately I have a deadline looming and we don't have time off.
Deadline looming means working in front of the TV after dinner instead of sewing. Tired should mean go to bed early to recover but no in this household I've noticed the more tired you are the later in bed you go.
I am also pretty sure the exhaustion is also due by a LACK of exercise. I hate myself for having completely failed at keeping a running regimen. I am the only person to blame for my pathetic and slow runs.
To my excuse I am not spending my lunches at the mall but working and I do not lounge on my couch as a potato, besides that I have absolutely no excuses what so ever.
I've decided with the help of a coworker to go run twice in the morning. It is going to take some will power and strength but I will get back on my exercise horse because well I really would like to be able to run on the trails and conquer Torrey Pines!
So now off to bed I go because I shall go to bed before 11pm from now on! There was a time I was getting 12h00 of sleep every day, now I'm lucky if I get 8!
On the positive front, we are mid-way in our third week of family meals. We have all adjusted fairly well to our new regimen. The kids menu has vastly expanded and I really really love the dynamic.
This week's menu thus far:
- Pork tenderloin rubbed with fennel, garlic and rosemary for the parents, au natural for the kiddos
- Roasted fingerling potatoes with green beans for the parents, brocoli and cauliflower for the kiddos.
- Bbqued chicken and corn
- Strawberries and wip cream or wet cream as MEC would say

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