Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chick lit part 2

Since we are watching less TV I have been reading much more. In an earlier post I shared my fondness for chick lit.
We had some friends over for dinner, our guest picked up one of my books from the counter and asked me to describe the book to him. When I described it as a chick lit he immediately asked me if I went to see the Sex in the city movie.
I like more the romantic comedy type chick lit, The holiday, Notting Hill, Sweet Home Alabama, Just like heaven. I'm not a big fan of sex in the city, desperate housewives and the like.
Since I drained my two favorite author Marian Keyes and Jane Greene I tried a third one Sophie Kinsella. I like her shopaholic series although the main character is a little upsetting. I mean how many times is she going to put herself in serious debt before realizing that she needs to shop less!!!
I liked her two other books better.
Since I am planning on studying for the Microsoft .NET certificate I won't have as much time to read : ( I am going to need to find myself new books!!!!

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