Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jam packed

This week end was pretty busy. Friday night we had our neighbor for dinner. I made the pasta with meat sauce from Williams sonoma. Of course I was out of half of the ingredient but the result was still delicious.
Saturday morning the kids went to their swimming lesson. MAC is having a hard time adjusting to the challenges of his new class. The fact that the 2 other boys are a year older than him and already know how to do most things. He is doing great but needs a little time to adjust. MEC is stubborn as ever and her teacher a little too soft most of the time.
After that we grabbed a bagel and a gift since we had to a birthday party. Fueling for my workouts are a challenge on saturdays. Since that biometric screening I have tried to eat less white flour stuff boooo. I had a power bagel with low fat cream cheese and a much needed coffee.
We went to the birthday party. I took tons of pictures, chit chatted with moms and was goggling the sky hoping for no rain later. Luckily I was able to go on my ride outside. I had to do 3 Torrey Pines outside 2 seating and 1 standing. Following the ride I did a 30 min run, 5 min at high tempo, 2 min easy. B then went on his run. During that time we played some board game with the kids, did some playdough.
For dinner we went to eda-mami, the kids had fun, the food was good. Nice evening.
I went on my 1:30 run this morning after breakfast and was faster than last week while maintaining my HR in the right zone! Yeah 6.6M.
After that we went to Chipotle for lunch where I ate half of my burrito. We went grocerie shopping then to Home Depot to get ready for my parents arrival.
I folded some laundry Yay! I'm not so far behind any longer. The kitchen is clean, the guest bathroom has a new shower head and new faucet and the fridge is full.
Good way to end the week end.

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