Monday, March 15, 2010

Sweet Recovery

I didn't know I was tired until Saturday when I had to prep myself to go for my 2h00 ride with 5 5min hill repeat all out. For that I chose Carmel Country Road, shorter than Torrey Pines but also steeper! Oh boy did I feel it, I managed 4 hills repeat before calling the hill repeat quit. I know I'm a wimp I should I've turned around and go down and up once more. Polished the ride and was short 15 min wait that is almost exactly what it would have taken me to go down then up once more. Anyways tired legs, I stumbled home, switched to my running gear and back out I go for an easy 30min. The next day was my 1:30 run and again tough to motivate... but like a good trooper I started my slow run. Today I was so happy that I had to only go 13 min/miles for an hour and then 2 10 min high HR tempo with 5 min easy in between.
For once I was able to pass a couple while keep my HR around the right number during the intervals but they promptly passed me again during the easy part.
Anyways I made it back home with tired feet and tired legs! Today I cherish my day off and I had no desire what so ever to get in some compulsory training session.
I also love the fact that my recovery week is a 5h00 week which not so long ago was a high week for me!
Besides my achy legs I do feel slightly that I'm getting better/stronger ....
Now I am fading because of a tad too much wine and a change of time which I love in the evening and hate in the morning.

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JV said...

Sounds like you're making great progress! Petit a petit... however it goes :)