Wednesday, March 3, 2010

kooky music video

B has dug out some kooky video by OKGO and we are sitting in front of the TV watching. The kids are supposed to eat too...
I decided to take the few free minutes to blog quickly. Life is completely crazy, between the usual life of a family of 4. Kids are awesome most of the time. MAC reads to us every night it is a little laborious at time but then again he reads quite big words. The latest reading of choice is Scooby Doo. MEC is cute as a doll and stuborn as a little evil thing. We are having fun and that's great. Work was quiet for a week and now things are back to busy. Especially since I am learning a whole new technologie and the learning curve is brutal! I went from fixing 30 bugs a week to like learning how to display something on a label! I am sure things are going to improve. But the design phase is so hard on me.... Yeah the girl who needs results.
Speaking of results, I was hoping that all of sudden I would swim so fast but Monday's workout was painful. .
Anyways I have had a scratchy throat for the past few days, something unpleasant is trying to break through. This week hard is the word of the day as I had a few hard workout. I think the rest of this week is pretty medium in intensity. No rest day in sight yet! I can't say I see a lot of results but alas everything takes time and effort.
Tonight I'm lazy and thus while I will do my postponed core workout B will drive to Sushi ota to get us some sushi! Yum Yum.

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