Saturday, April 17, 2010

Useful shopping...

It does exist I promise! So for a little while actually since we have realized that moving to another house will take a little longer than anticipated due to economic reasons, I have worked on our house.
We have a great house .... I really love the space. The floors we put in last year totally changed the atmosphere of the house. It would be even better if I could get rid of all the crap that accumulate everywhere... More precisely on empty surface.
Since I still receive real estate updates I saw a house I totally loved on friday. It was so much the house itself but the decoration of it. It was totally us but less cluttery!
To make things better we also got a fat check back from our escrow! Spending!
Finally since we are getting ready to redo our upstairs using the same wood than downstairs but leaving a center of carpeting on the staircase I have been looking at rugs.
I believe for the kids bedroom and the playroom/guest bedroom I will go IKEA. For our room though probably potterybarn crate and barrel or West Elm.

Today we were at the mall to buy new sunglasses for B so I dragged his butt to Pottery barn to check out some of the rugs. I stumbled onto one that was soft, natural looking and good priced!
The floors around the coffee table in the family room got all scuffed so a rug was urgently needed. I also realized that rugs are great to define space and add this finish look to a house!

We bought one to go in the family room and it looks awesome so I went ahead and bought another one for the dinning room. It looks really really nice. I'm super happy!

Last week end I bought a lounger at a garage sale, some plants and so the yard is getting also more finished!
All what is left is the upstairs floor, the guest bedroom and our bedroom.
I also have been looking into fabric and making some cool gumdrop pillows to put a little bit of colors and add some more seating to our bedroom and the downstairs too....
Anyways at least the sewing machine has been dusted off so I can probably get craking at this!

Seeing my house shape up and getting done brings peace to my inner self! Now I have to hire the kids and sort through their old toys. The goal is to turn the office/guest bedroom into an playroom/guest bedroom and move some of the toys upstairs.

On the training front things have been going well. I'm back on my training this week I did all some session a little shorter but intensity wise all there!

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JV said...

I love the house update! Maybe you could post some pics of your great finds!