Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back from ....

I'm back from the mixed emotions I'm left with after my parents leave. I'm back from all the frustration at work or most of it... and most of all I'm back from my training hiatus!

So a month ago I attended my first braveheart brick session. They are famous because they are hard. I went there knowing I was going to work hard until I realized (after the first 15 minutes) that I was going to work very hard. I should have known when my coach said with a candid smile you won't need your heart rate monitor today.
Anyways since it is in Mission Bay at 5:45pm on thursday night they are hard to attend on a regular basis. But since my coach is thoughtful she started putting them in my weekly workouts.
Today I was able to do the whole session.... which is about as hard as you can for 5 min on the bike followed by 4 min as hard as you can (sprinting) running 2 min easy and do it again 2 more times!

Anyways after that I was hungry and nothing really sounded good nor was ready to be made. So after rummaging through the fridge a little bit and Bryan suggesting some bacon with gnocchi I decided to cook for myself gnocchi with a little bit of cream, bacon bits and spinach. I added some tomato/mozarella salad with some basil from the yard and some leftover jelly beans from Easter. Now that I think of it I should have gone to the yard and harvest some peas!
Now I'm ready for bed!

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