Friday, April 2, 2010


So after a really bad day at work yesterday followed by a missed workout I had to go swim today even though a girls lunch was on my calendar.
Anyways I quickly write the workout on a piece of paper. Swear a little when I realize that it requires a tee shirt (yes I have to swim with a tee shirt on!) then quickly realize that I have one in my car.
At the end of the swim I'm all happy because I felt fast and I was able to completel my 1900m swim in 46min! So I'm driving back to work all happy my ego is bursting out the seams big smile plastered on my face. Also the morning was really productive at work... So basically all was well in Sophie's hell oops Sophie's life I mean.
So here I am about to record my nice workout when I realize that I was supposed to do a 3x200m warm up and did only 200m warm up.... this leaves me a bit deflated....

Other than that we did have a very nice dinner at Urban Solace last night. Really really yummy food and nice restaurant. This time I was able to taste their pear martini which was just heavenly!

It is so nice to have my parents in town we are going out every week!!!!
Now off to bed to read and sleeeeep.

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