Wednesday, April 14, 2010

too much to relate

Ok so it's been a while. Lots have happen but is it blog worthy???
Training has been flaky a little because of family visiting. My parents were in town for almost 4 weeks it felt like 2. It is great to have them. I love seeing the kids play with their grandparents. We were able to stock up on our outings. However having your parents in your house is always difficult.
But now that they are gone I'm happy to get back to our routine but still sad to have so far!
Anyhow eventhough they are not high maintenance training while they here isn't always easy. First of all I want to spend time with them and second of all no way my dad is having dinner at 9:30pm because I have a bike workout schedule that evening. With them we actually have lunch on saturdays and sunday so no sneaking a ride at 11 am!

Now I'm back full time and this week has had a few small hickups but so far so good. I also have a race coming up....

Other than that, I have been growing peas in my backyard and I'm loving it. I probably harvested about 6oz and some and was able to actually make pasta. It was delicious. I am now planning to plant some tomatoes, butternut squash. My herb garden is doing great as well and I have to add some mint and chive to the oregano, basil, thyme, sage and rosemary!

Besides all that life has been hectic a little stressful and emotional.

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