Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I have my first race of the season this sunday and I'm being completely neurotic about it. I went ahead and analyzed my pace at previous race and estimated how fast I would go etc....
Result I'm completely stressed out for a stupid sprint triathlon. I mean come on lets be realistic this race doesn't define me although I haven't been able to convince myself of that. Yes I want to completely rock it to be amazing but what is important is that I enjoy myself that I do make the time to train for 7+ hours a week that I have been working hard for this.
Last year this was my first triathlon ever and I trained for 5 weeks!

As I read other fellow triathlete getting ready for their race this week end Ironman in St George Utah, both Half Ironman and Olympic distance at Wildflower Ca I feel silly to be so nervous about my sprint triathlon.

No matter what I tell myself I have a hard time to take that distance seriously. Probably because most of the triathlete around me stick with this distance one season before moving onto Half Ironman or even Ironman.
Enough psycho babble...

Last wednesday I had a running session with my coach. She was on the bike and I was running next to her. For efficiency purpose we decided to meet in the parking lot of my work gym. What I didn't realize then is that I would be running up and down our new building as everyone left for the day.... What a goof! Of course Bunny's husband who picked her up that day told her I don't know what these people are doing going up and down the street :)
The following two days I could barely walk I was so sore... I believe aside from my races I haven't been that sore from solely running. I have so much too learn. Anyways some adjustments were made to my gait which was absolutely powerless!

Training continued that week then Monday taper started. This means that this week I only 2 full days off and a much lighter schedule to get fresh for race day!.
I also realized that I have a real warm up routine to do before my race something that I have never ever done before. Ought to be interesting....

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