Monday, November 1, 2010

Can I have some cheese with that whine?

And I thought I was getting in OK shape and I was pretty tough until I met Lesley Paterson my coach. I know I'm going to be in pain when I go to one of her workout session but oh boy It is always about 10 times worse! Today I went to tri-strength training at rehab united where I got my arse handed to me on a platter in a BIG way! Two hours later I can barely move! Not only you have to remember a succession of move, try to not think about the pain in your limb but count your rep! Let me tell you I made a total fool of myself on all three accounts!
It is never pleasant when your coach tells you if they are doing it you can do it too!

Anyways once more I have been humbled... It seems to be a recurrent theme since I have started working with her, but then again what doesn't kill you will make you stronger!

On a more interesting note I believe I'm going to try to get into Mountain Biking.If only I could find a slower crazy girl to come trail run with me and mountain biking. B wants me to go with him but then we have to find someone to watch the kids!

More on that later and maybe a new cool bike in my future....

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