Saturday, March 19, 2011

Big News

So I decided to stop working with my coach! It was a very hard decision and since telling her I've felt empty. The reason being well I don't feel I can really apply myself not because I don't want to but just because sometimes my life is just too much. I hate feeling guilty for a missed workout when my kids are sick or I am sick or because I'm just dragging.
Honestly I don't feel racing either I just feel like running long and strong, biking strong and getting better on the mountain bike! I will workout still a lot just not for the same reasons.
So I'm starting to go to yoga once a week, I'll go back to the pool once a week and the rest of my time will be divided between running and biking!
Of course today we didn't go running :( but we did take the kids on a 3M walk in Elfin forest. Also I pulled something in my left quad last week and well it isn't healed yet!
Tomorrow I was hoping to be able to road bike with a friend but her schedule got crazy so maybe I'll try to go mountain biking with the hubster instead or maybe trail running if the weather doesn't cooperate.
My goal being able to run 1:30 on the trails, mountain bike for 1:30 - 2:00 with minimal getting off the bike on hills!

On the house front, my parents are getting in town on monday night so I've beens scrambling to finish some project and well to start some new ones! Friday afternoon I was just so tired that I couldn't focus at work. Instead of starting dumbly at my screen all afternoon I decided to take the afternoon off and just putter around the house. I started a night stand for my parents and read. It was heavenly!
This morning, after baking some berry muffins, I made progress on the little nightstand, made a rounded corner shelf to host the router.
B anchored the shelf to the wall and I was able to fill her up with books. I also decided to remove all the crap in the downstairs bookshelf and put books instead!

Little by little the projects are being done and the house is getting more organized!
I have discovered wood work and I love it!
Now time for some laundry folding and some home cooking.

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bex said...

I think that honestly sounds like the best choice and options for you right now... if your heart isn't in it - why do it?

I hope we can run or ride soon!! I MISS YOU!!