Saturday, March 12, 2011

It has been a while

Man, time flies by... Well after being miserable for a whole week! I am back to my normal routine. I find it ironic that not exercizing is more painful than doing my normal 5 days/week workout!
After me being sick well it was time for MEC to have a bout of fever and thus I worked from home for the 4th Monday in two month!

This past tuesday I had a session with the coach and as usual she killed me. 15 min warmup, followed by 4x100 yards sprints, 6x0.4M sustained work. I didn't realize how tired my legs were until I went for my run the next day!

Today was back to normal in the Coon household, we started the day with a coffee and swimming lessons for the kids. We then came back home and I got ready for my mountain bike ride with someone new I met a while back. I was a bit anxious as it was my first time back on black beauty since my last big big fall!
It was a great ride, I am finally starting to feel a bit more confortable on the bike. I managed not to fall but yet go down some technical slopes and walk some others.
My quads were pretty wasted so well I did walk some hills as well! I did feel a bit like "all the gear and no idea" on my nice full suspension bike while my new riding partner was flying up and down the trails on a donated single speed bike!

Back at home it was B's turn to go out, so after cooking some muffins for the kiddos under MEC's supervision. I managed to sand the bookshelf and apply the last coat of varnish.

We then took the kiddos out to dinner at Harney's sushi in Oceanside. It was delicious....
To finish this beautiful day we are watching the whole nine yard such a good movie.
Tomorrow will be more around the house and a little 90min run....

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