Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hack hack sniffle sniffle

I so hate being sick. I just hate everything about it. Moreover I hate the fact that I can't get rid of all that bad energy by going for a run!

On the bright side I have read and read and read Style your life blogs and was really inspired.

I also bought myself a beautiful pair of 31/2 inch platform from talbot. I did order the size 6 in white and they are so pretty. However they are about a size too big. I was able to find a size 5 in the color I originally wanted yay! Today was crisis at the mall. I don't know what came over me but I decided to wip out the 4" platform, yes I wanna play grown up lately, the pencil skirt and as I've been cold lately a sweater.

Unfortunately it warmed up and so I was left sweating bullets in my sweater. Charming isn't it! So I went shopping in 4" heel! Well I went 20 feet before "running" back to the car and putting on a pair of pants and flats. Yes I can go down a steep steep hill on a mountain bike, run a half marathon but give up after 20 feet in high heels!

Anyways I felt gross, frumpy lumpy and I ended up running into Talbots, Gap, and the Limited without finding anything that I wanted to buy. Finally I decided that Banana Republic will be the place for my makeover! It worked and I even put the skirt and heels back. I laughed when the 31/2 inch shoes felt like slippers. If you missed it the sight you will have to wait another 5 years!

Tomorrow I'm back to my uniform, pants, flats and something cute on top!
OK my book awaits me and so is my pillow

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JV said...

Love those shoes!