Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boy's room

I would say that it is much much easier to find ideas to decorate a girl's room than it is to decorate a boy's room. MAC had some idea to paint the walls of his room gray and orange or red. However I'm not ready for a total dark cave just yet. He is just starting second grade! He did mention that he would like something new because the helicopter and planes I painted for him when we moved in were a bit "babyish" now.

So I have been really trying to wrap my head around different ideas. First of all he is a very prolific artist but we don't really have a good place to hang easily the art du jour! I was thinking that maybe I could play with some magnetic paint and make some big circles or squares in bright colors for him to display his art and such.

I was also playing with the idea of a mural. But then again his tastes in subject is changing constantly and I'm not ready to invest in painting something big if it will be old by the time I'm
done. Although I have to say I saw a picture of a Napoleon Dynamite mural that was fantastic looking... if you like Napoleon Dynamite.

So with all those ideas twirling in my head and spending quite some time on choosing fabric for the other girly one I decided to start by looking for some fabric to update the curtain. That would help me decide on a color scheme and then we could go from there.
A little bit ago green was my son's favorite color but not anymore, he wants black and orange. Finding this combination a bit too harsh I settled for a dark gray and orange. Dark gray cotton curtain would be great at blocking the light not blackout lining needed and orange would be a nice burst of colors.

Trying to add a little fun into the whole project I was looking for a print of some kind not to girlish and going with this whole color scheme.

This is what caught my eye. I thought it would be nice as an accent to the dark gray cotton. When I consulted B for his opinion he was not very enthusiastic saying that it was not boy enough. MAC plainly rejected the idea. He wanted a "plain old orange" fabric and nothing with circle or dots nonsense.
So I had to chose something less exciting but more to the taste of my little boy

So here we are dark gray curtain with some plain old orange accents. Again in this room the walls will be light colored probably a light tan or sand or offwhite of some kind.
I may try my hand on some spray paint and upgrade the fan in that room since we are not making any progress in replacing the darn thing. Then I'm not too sure what will be next.
All the fabric as been bought and I will be sewing some curtains very soon....

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