Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girl's room

So the kiddos have been asking for their own room. They have been sharing a room since babies but now they would like their own space. On one hand it is hard because we want them to continue to be close and chat at night before going to bed on the other hand I have been antsy to redecorate their room and the guest bedroom/sewing room which has been empty for a while now.
The first step was to sell the futon. Today I made the next step, chosing fabric for their curtains. By chosing the fabric we also settled on a color scheme....
For MEC's room I did have my heart settled on some Annie Selke fabric found at Joann's.
I was going to use both fabric to make a curtain. I was inspired by several posts seen on makeit and loveit blog http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2010/07/decorate-my-home-part-20-gathered-top.html and http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2010/02/decorate-my-home-part-10-gathered.html. After measure the windows I realized that 34$/yard would be a bit costly. The second post reminded me of how much I love Amy Butler's fabric and how daring she is in mixing and matching crazy patterns together.
So after browsing www.fabrics.com site I stumbled upon these fabric from the midwest modern 2 collection.
After consulting Amy Butler's website for ideas of what to use as a second fabric I settled on the following two.
MEC decided on the squiggly... If it is a bit too busy I will order the dots.
With so much colors on the windows we will probably stay pretty simple with the wall color. I'm imagining something off white maybe a tad sandy will be nice.
Once this first part of the project is done, I will probably try to make some comforter cover and some floor pillows.
The other part of this room which is a bit troubling is the big big window onto the first floor of the house. We are currently toying with the idea of a wood shutter that would add privacy to this room without completely removing the appeal of the window. If we were going to go that route we could play with some idea to have a big magnetic board or something.... More to come soon I hope. However in the mean time lots of cleaning up to do and figuring out where to stash the sewing stuff and the remaining books!

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