Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All you can eat buffet

Today, after spending the day working from home because MEC was complaining of a tummy ache I hoped on my bike a bit earlier than usual and set up outside to get some evening coolness.
35 min into the workout, dripping in sweat I noticed that a couple of mosquitos are feasting on me. I go back in and realize that I was really an all you can eat buffet for mosquitos.
Now I have a sore legs from too much excercize, a bruise the size of a small pancakes and 15 mosquito bite.... yes you read correctly 15!
B has been doing some pest control and has smacked a few mosquito who decided to enter the premises...
Now I'm completely baked, not too sure how I'm going to pull off the 45min run tomorrow followed by the 75min ride on thursday! I have to say though it feels good although I did feel miserable for a little bit!

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