Saturday, August 13, 2011

To the rescue...

So to help me accomplish my goals of riding 56M at a decent pace in 4 weeks I decided to crawl back to my coach. After a short email exchange I decided that if it was OK with her for me not to race and to keep the training at about 6-8H00 per week I would re-hire her. Frankly 4 months with no Lesley have left me running a 5M at a 12min/miles pace in major pain.
Today from 4:30-6:30pm (not an early riser) was back on the saddle, and 2h00 riding with 4 Torrey Pines hill repeats. I managed 3, didn't do the last one because the back of my knee were painful. Tomorrow morning will be 1:30 mountain biking session and then we are back to a normal training schedule with some running and some biking. I'm giddy with excitement at the challenge. My main goal is to stick to the program as much as possible and do it as long as possible. We will see where it takes me.
I even got new running shoes and then are white and purple!!!! Goody honestly I would have preferred a hot hot pink!

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