Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lazy me...

Today I could have gone for a 4 mile run with Jessica but of course I still haven't recovered from the locker clean up. What do you mean.... well they warned us that they will clean up the locker room at the gym during the week end and they would throw away everything that was there. Of course I completely forgot to retrieve my belongings so when I strolled in on tuesday to change for my run I realized that I didn't have a towel nor deodorant nor soap.... I still ran and took a shower but toweled with the shirt I ran in.

Today we were supposed to go replace 6 of our 8 tires today but of course we need an appointment so that it could be done during lunch time... So here I am no errands and a planned run... But no I didn't feel like toweling with my shirt again and since I didn't have lunch I basically wimped out of my run ;( But then as I was driving back from Rubios with my two steak tacos with chipotle sauce on the side my new favorite I saw Jessica running and felt like a big slob!!!! I will resume my workout next week... Monday tires hehehe Tuesday run Wednesday Yoga Thursday break/run Friday run/break

But before that I will pack a clean towel and all the needed attire to go for a short run tomorrow ; )

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