Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yoga & Running

I know I know for those of you who know me I've always said that yoga was too slow for me. Moreover since I'm not really flexible I don't really like stretching.
My friend Jessica who has been a total motivation in the exercise department lately has been dragging me to the yoga classes that we have onsite at work.
I am getting addicted. It is a more strenuous form of yoga and I can see myself getting addicted to power yoga.... Anyways I have been enjoying pushing myself and I hope to be able to continue yoga and get better at it. My goals are to be able to synchronize my breathing better with the movements and to work on the following poses: Crow and headstand ultimately I would like to be able to do a forearm stand and a peacock.... that's just because I would love to solve the problems caused by my scatter brain hehehe.

This week was a slow running week. Maia didn't sleep well the night of monday through tuesday hence we had a really rough night and on tuesday I just didn't feel like running. I went to yoga instead. On wednesday I ran a little over 3 miles on the treadmill at a good 6.1 m/h pace playing with speed a little, thursday I went to yoga again and Friday I slacked off.
Today I didn't really feel like running but I knew I had to so I put my sneakers on and went for a run I didn't feel too bad so I tried a new route and my goal was to run about 4 miles and I DID IT!!!! I have a great 4.7 miles run at a 10 min/mile pace!!!!! I didn't stop to walk I had to wait very little for red lights.
The only thing is that my shoes were probably tied a little tight and my left knee bugged me.... I hope I can solve this by stretching.

Although my mileage this week isn't as good as my previous week it is the first time I run more than 3 miles outdoor and feel great!!!!! and I only ran twice... Next week will also be a slow week since we are going to Montana

However now I feel really tired and I am going to crash! Poor Bryan....

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