Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Need vacations...

I so need to go on vacation. We were supposed to visit my father in law this week but B started his new job on monday. So instead of a week of in Northern Northern Cal (Shasta Valley), we will be spending the 4th of July in Lake Havasu and hopefully relax. I will be taking my thursday off to go on a loooong bike ride, well long for me we are shooting for a 40miler up the coast.
This week end was completely crazy. Saturday morning, B went surfing and I stayed home with the kids who played at home. We went to the park a little bit. B left for a 2H00 bike ride as soon as he came back from his surf session. He had just enough time to try to set up the pool which has several holes. He filled it up with enough water for the kids to splash in it for a while. We had lunch then calm down a little. B came back from his ride, we got ready to head out to a small party in PB followed by a trip to La Jolla Shores for my ocean swim. We left the Shores at 7:45pm famished. We stoped on the way home at a new place Edamame which was really pleasant. The next morning we slept in until 8:30am eventhough MAC had been up for a while. We took the kids to their swimming lesson, followed by a trip to Fashion Valley to buy B some new clothes. I could not find anything that I liked or fit it. I know I have been complaining about my 3lbs weight gain eventhough I really don't look like I gained anything at all. Without being "fat" nothing fit nonetheless. We then came home to go to change car, load up the beach stuff and head out to Torrey Pines the beach for a late afternoon surf session for B and play in the water for the kids. Finally after a trip to the grocery store to mainly stock up on alcohol we got home in time for me to hop on my bike and fit a 14 miles bike ride.
Pfff so much done but a little too busy for me.
Monday morning we got up a little earlier than usual to try to figure out our new routine. With B's job in Carlsbad, I am now in charge of both drop off and pick up of the kids. It isn't a big deal if I can still find some time to train either early morning or at lunch.
Monday was spent in a deep fog. I was tired tired tired. I was planning an easy run but instead opted to go to the mall to 1) look for something to buy and 2) look for a pics of a ring I really liked at Ben Bridge.
I found a cute shirt dress from Limited on sale, and a belt to go with it. I also successfully managed to get a pic of the ring I liked and already have some new design ideas.
Today I went for a run managed to complete a 3.5M run @ 9:40min/miles with 2 stops. Finally tomorrow i'm swimming with a friend who is going to help me out.
I also got roped in a Club race on the 11th morning, probably because it will be a perfect practice for my upcoming race! I hope it goes decently.

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