Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wine: 1; Run:0

Today was supposed to be Bike workout in the morning and Run at lunch. I did get up at 6am to try my brand new trainer. I managed to complete a 40min workout but it wasn't really structured. I must have workout at a good pace since my heartbeat was through the roof most of the time and I was literally dripping sweat. I am still getting used to the trainer, I need to learn how to adjust the resistance.
At lunch I was supposed to go for a run but instead met B. to buy him an outfit for interview. We ended at UTC in the sun Yay finally, eating 2 rubios steak tacos and then chosing black slaks and french blue shirt. He looks great!
Tonight I was supposed to go for the missing run but when I left work at 5:30pm I knew it was compromised! Ah well I did workout, I guess this week no strength training and run instead. Unless I am very very good and I get up again at 6am tomorrow morning to go swim and then go for a run at lunch!
So instead of sweating and suffering I poured a little white wine which I am enjoying at the moment.
Tonight's meal semi-homemade pizza. Why semi you may ask because the dough is already made and bought at Trader Joes and the tomato sauce as well. I just have to add ham, black olives, green onions and fresh mozarella. Delish!

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