Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and more ...

On christmas eve, we got ready kindof slowly, played in the park... Before my wax appointment at 1pm and my last minute food shopping I decided to wip the chocolate mousse for the cake, then put the cake layers together.
I went to the mall in search of a cute top for the evening and found a cute one with a bunch of beads at a local store, I chose the medium grey one instead of the black small one. I like the color better but I probably should have gotten the smaller size. Then I ran off to Ralph to buy all the things that I forgot.
Once back home, I made some fried rice for lunch while the kids watched Princess Bride. I then started the cooking.
First I tackled the bread rolls, I chose this recipe from Williams Sonoma. After putting the dough to rise in the oven, I tackled the decoration of the cake. After a melting the chocolate a spreading a thin layer on a cookie sheet, I put it in the fridge to harden. It took a few attempt to get the proper consistency and I was able to decorate the cake. It didn't quite look like the picture on the book but after sprickling some powder sugar it still looked quite nice.
After the bread, the cake, I went onto my next task the "pate a choux" which was going to be used for the potato fritters and the apetizer. Finally I started the pheasant. Since I didn't really have a recipe I kindof invented the recipe. After cutting the pheasant in pieces and browning them in olive oil, I sauteed some onion and bacon. I then added some thyme, oregano, and sage from my garden and finally some port wine, white wine and chicken broth, quatered aple and dried berrys (cranberrys, raisin, cherry and blueberry). I added the meat back in the pot and brought it to a boil. I covered the pot and stuck it in the oven at 325 and cooked for 1h00.
We then got ready, we all put our nice clothes on. Drank our aperitif, then sat down for a very nice formal dinner with the kids.

After putting the kids to bed, we exchanged our gifts. B got me a fuel belt to go on long runs with fluids, a triathlon backpack to organize all my crap on race day, and a new mp3 player much smaller and without itune to deal with than my current option. B got the new ereader from barnes and noble too cool, a nice fleece jacket and a suchi plate set.
We then proceeded to wrap the kids presents. Well should I say I started wraping everything and B put them under the tree.

I was super happy to chat with my sister that evening who called my from Germany. I miss them sooo much, and my nephews who were so excited to have opened all their presents. The older one, woke up a 2am, went to my sisters to tell her that Santa did indeed come by. To which she answered "I know can you go back to bed now". He woke the whole house up at 6:30am. We were a little luckier as MAC woke us up at 7:30am and was able to wait another 30 minutes.
The kids were super stoked by their presents. They had each 7 presents from the whole family. It was a great number, enough variety but not an overwhelming number. MAC had a set of legos, a remote control car, a digital camera, a leapster and a batman game, some books, MEC got a small wooden kitchenette, a diaper bag for her doll, a kit to make a necklace, books, a leapster and a big playdough set.
After lounging for a little bit around the house. I actually put on my tennis shoes and set of for a 5M run. Of course I wasn't properly hydrated and fueled so it was quite painful 4.2M but hey I went out the door. Then we decided to get out the door in search for a place to have lunch! Hahaha we were really optimistic. Between Carmel Valley and Carlsbad on the coast we found 3 places open. We chose a armenian/persian place in Carlsbad. Our lunch was very good. On the back down we stopped by at our friends house in Encinitas and shared their dessert. The kids played and we chatted a little bit.
The next day we decided to go visit B's grandmother in Palmdale. We left on saturday at 10am and came back on Sunday at 3pm. It was a really short visit, the company was really pleasant even if the settings is not as pleasant.
It was good to be back home, eat home cooked meal. Arugula salad, and my brown rice balls comfort food.
This morning the construction workers outside our window decided to move the earth and so we got woken up by bip bip truck sounds at 7am :( We snoozed until 8am when MAC came into our bed, I got up at 8:30am and hung out with the kiddos a little bit. They played around the house for a little bit. After running a few errands we dropped off the kids to the neighbours while we went on our 8M run. I was a little stressed since my last few runs were quite painful. This time I made sure to drink water, to take a gu before leaving, take water with me and another gu midway. It was a great run! 8M at 9:54min/mile pace, my knees at the end were screaming at me since I'm not stretching enough.
I then made sure to refuel but I never get that quite right but at least I didn't completely crash. The kids are now playing the PS3 and soon they will be off to bed and I will work a little bit!

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mmm i wish i had some chocolate cake right now...

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