Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So as many of you know, I love to cook. I always try to create new things. They are nothing special. I pale in comparaison of great chefs. I am astounded by how they marry tastes that are sooo different from one another. I would love to be able to do so. I read in one of the latest cookbook I got for christmas a dessert made from chestnut cream, pinaple and pinacolada sorbet. Since the chef has a 3 star restaurant which is the best of the best in France I do trust her creation. I am very curious and will have to try though.
One of my dream would be to spend 3 month in the kitchen with all the spices, produces and meats I need without the pressure of feeding anyone.
Anyways many are the nights when B has to wait patiently for dinner at 9pm sometimes 10pm. My weakness is in the asian cuisine I have to admit most of my attempt at stir fry are failed always edible but never close to what I intended to make.
Tonight, I wanted something easy and healthy.
I cut some cherry tomatoes, sliced some onion, garlic, herbs, salt, pepper, added some kirin, balsamic vinegar and port wine. Stuck this in the oven at 405 until roasted. I then chopped kalamata black olives, a ball of fresh mozarella, put on the top of the tomatoes and cooked a little more. I cooked gnocchis then sauteed them with a little olive oil.
Finally, I put the gnocchis then put the tomato concoction on the top of it. It was really good sorry no pictures.

My other creation of the night was macarons. Those things are soooo good and fairly easy to make. I started with chocolate ones and oh boy are they good. I will now have fun and make them in all kindof flavors. Can't wait to get started : )

I think there will be more cooking posts coming stay tuned....
My mom gave me for christmas a great great cookbook. It is from one woman french chef who has a 3 stars restaurant (this is the best of the best).

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Bunny said...

mmmm your dinner sounds delicious.

we went out for indian food. so bloated