Saturday, December 19, 2009

So what's new in the past two weeks... Well first of all I can't believe it is already Christmas! Maybe it has to do with the city I live in... 75 degree weather doesn't really set the mood. I'm wired that way, winter means cold. It doesn't have to be super duper cold for like 4 months. But temps around mid 50s during the day for a month or two would be welcome. We did have 2 weeks of cold ;) So lets get off the whiny train. MAC had a winterfest during which K, 1st, 2ND and 3rd grader sang each two songs about the winter holidays. It was really really cute.

Work has been crazy busy too, we just released a new version of our software and I have another project due on Jan 4th. It's interesting but I'm a little behind since I didn't get to start 100% on it until a few days ago. Well thank god for Stargate, VPN and multi tasking.
Next year is going to be very interesting on the work front, lots of redesign and new things to learn. Fun fun!

Besides that last week end was very social and it was really cool. Saturday morning I visited our friend in Encinitas. The kids get along pretty well for 5 and 3 year old and I really enjoy hanging out and chat with the mom. After that we came home, I made a feeble attempt at a indoor ride since the weather wasn't really cooperating with me. Now I'm complaining about the rain never happy ;)

We had neighbors for dinner and spent a nice evening.
Sunday I went running 7M with a coworker and ended up running only 6M more on my running difficulties later. Then I spent the afternoon with some other friend baking cookies while the kids were playing together.
That night, the husband joined us and we all went to dinner at a local Mexican joint. I had steak tacos and the meat tasted a little off... Well it was off I got terrible food poisoning that night. I have had my fair share of stomach flus, and food poisoning and I can
say this one was one of the worst. It lasted all night. I spent monday in bed. I emerged around 3pm took a shower, started a laundry, went to pick up the kids, cooked them dinner and made myself some fresh vegetable broth. The next day I felt better, went to work still a little shaky. I finally started to feel like myself mid afternoon.
On thursday that week we celebrated the release of our software by having lunch at a fresh seafood place in Point loma and we played pool at the Society all afternoon. The scallop sandwitch was really good and I was better at pool then I remembered.

That night I cooked for the first time in the week. I made jerked pork chop with sweet potatoes.
Friday was a busy work day and I had two kids party to attend. I was successful at being a attentive mom and a productive employee yay!

Well this week training got wiped out by my being sick on sunday night. I finally managed to put my sneakers on this afternoon, I also put my fuel belt on with water, cell phone and music. I looked like a total dork for a woopy 3.7M. It was hot and my body was tired. I hope I'm gonna get back on track because next week I have an 8M, then a 10M and finally a 12M. I think I like the triathlon training better. Although with a olympic distance I'll probably have to run longer.
Running has been hard over the past few weeks. My mental has completely left the building. I hope that I will get back the will to keep going. B is training as well and he is doing great. He is tired but he is much more disciplined than I am and he is also mentally a lot stronger. I sadly have a tendency to just give up and start walking. Then I kick myself in the butt, start running again and then give up.
More on that later.... Race day is a little over a month away!

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