Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Look ahead and rarely back

So today I was chatting with the friend which I didn't know at the time who gave me final nudge to sign up for my first triathlon about her next race. She is training for the Carlsbad half and so am I, I told her she could run with B while I'm puttering in the back. To which she answers.... in front on 12000 people. That's when I realize I rarely focus on the number of people behind me but on the one in front of me that I can never seem to catch up with ; )

So speaking of training, last week I ran in the evening alone, perfect run. It was cold, I was alone and started easy, eased into a good pace and finished strong. Overall probably a 4.2M at about 9min/miles. Two days later I decide that it would be more fun to run with someone, so I go ask one of my coworker if he wants to run with me. He is like sure why don't we do 6M, I didn't have that much time so we settled for 5M. Of course I start way too fast, and when he tells me at one point that we are doing 8:30 I know I'm in trouble. On top of that I had two dry toast in the morning a coffee and some water. Just not enough juice to sustain this crazy rythm. To cap it all he takes me on this trail which has a couple of very short but steep hills... Needless to say that I just died. Well even with all the walking we managed a 10min/miles nothing glorious especially when I was supposed to do a 9:15min/miles but ah well when I was running I was going that fast ;)
On wednesday I even managed to get myself in the pool. It was nice to swim for a change. Didn't push the pace tried to focus on the technique and did a nice 30 minutes. Saturday was our long run. We contemplated doing it together B and I eventhough we are not at the same pace at all more like 1 min apart but we couldn't find babysitting for the kids. In preparation for this long run we had a nice breakfast and I took water with me and nutrition and I just went at a very relaxed pace. I did stop a few times, once to drink water and eat my blocks... A few times I had to stop and ask myself why again am I doing this???
Anyways I finished the 9M at a very moderate pace of 10:40 but I did it wasn't completely exhausted my legs were a little tired but the breathing not at all.
Sunday my only window of opportunity to ride was at 8:30am and with chilly weather, no biking buddy and tired leg riding my bike didn't sound too good. I regret this miss ride because I haven't been on my bike in ages!!! I miss it ;(
Monday was off too because of bad bad weather. I was going to squeeze in a short run in the evening on the treadmill but instead I had to live early to make sure I could get to the childcare on time. After that well when I have to decide between a glass of wine and a bike ride at 9pm I do tend to chose the glass of wine especially when no races are looming in the horizon.
Today I absolutely needed to go run. Intervals were on the schedule however everybody decided to go running at the gym. Seriously the weather is perfect outside! So I headed out there, again started too fast then my head started playing the old record, why am I doing this to myself. This isn't pleasant. Maybe I should stop training and sell my bib etc...
Finish that 4M at 9:45min/pace avg and with some stops.
So yes I'm still trying to catch up to the person in front of me and who knows maybe pass them but oh boy this is tiring!
Tomorrow swimming brrrr it is going to be tough to go swim in an outdoor pool in 55F degre weather.
Stay tune

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