Thursday, December 31, 2009


OMG I am 35 years old now!!! Yesterday was my birthday. I don't feel that old really besides when I see all the gray hair slowly taking over. What really gets to me is that my older one is reading, lost his two bottom teeth and that my younger one can write her name and dreams to be in Kindergarten... This is when I feel a tadd old or a little sad that I'm just closing that volume of my life. But hey onto my next adventure right..... This year I decided to not push myself too hard and thus after the Half marathon in January my next race will be the Spring Sprint in May (0.25M swim, 9M Bike and 3M run) then I will attempt my first longer distance SDIT which is a shorter Olympic distance (1km Swim, 30Km hilly bike ride, 10K run) end of June then I will do the Us Women again.

I'd like to start painting and drawing again. I would like to get back into photography a little more etc.... Finally play the flute again.

For my birthday I got spoiled rotten of course B is the best for that and that makes me feel sooo good. I got a SLR Camera Nikon D5000

and a nice silver pendant from a designer I stumbled accross while browsing the internet. I love jewelry that is a little different. I like interesting designs etc... This fits all the criteria.

We had breakfast at the Beach Grass cafe our favorite spot. MAC wanted pancakes with a dune buggy drawn on it ; ) He got a smiley face instead. He is known to challenge the chef since the happy face doesn't always suit his mood. He often asks for an angry face pancake or a monster face pancake or a sad face pancake.

After breakfast we played at the Fletcher Cove park, then dropped off B's car to get the tires balanced and rotated, then to whole food for some meat to dinner. I chose a veal roast with no idea how to cook it but it sounded interesting at the time. We also picked up some cheese for the NYE cheese fondue evening.

We finally got home around 2pm, I eagerly plopped the charged battery in my new camera only to realized that a memory card was required and nowehere to be found ;) Oops. Here I go to RadioShack next to the house, but of course they are out of them so I had to go to the next store.

After playing with my camera a little bit, B went for his 4M run and I followed him shortly. 3.3M at about 9:02 min/miles then 0.5M cool down.

After I got home I started looking for a recipe for my birthday dinner. Our friends from the house next door were joining us. I found a recipe on the Williams Sonoma site for an osso buco. I adapted it a little by replacing the lemon zests by wild mushrooms that were sauteed in garlic and butter. I also reduced the sauce a little to give it more flavor. I served it with mashed potatoes and I made an orange cake for dessert.

We had an amazing wine to go with it and spend a great evening.

This morning the kids woke us up at 8:30! It is going to be tough to get up on monday. The sky is beautiful and we have little to do today. I do have to work, I'd like to go for a bike ride and B went surfing.

I also bought myself a pair of Birkenstock. I know I know but I saw a mom wearing some at the park yesterday and they looked nice and comfy. I found a pair on super sale cuz 130$ for birkenstock is a little steep. I think they are cute in an old woman kindof way ;)
Now I need to work instead of blogging... I know it is new year's eve and I shouldn't be working but I have stuff to do and anyways....
Happy new year to everyone.


JV said...

Happy Birthday, phenomenal woman! Those Birks look cute and comfy!

Bunny said...

happy birthday! that's awesome you got an slr. i expect to see more food pics on your blog now.