Friday, February 26, 2010

training update

Wednesday I was super duper hungry at lunch so I decided to postponed my run to 4pm. I had a free calendar and my boss was not here. I worked through lunch and as I was getting ready for my run workout when I get a meeting request for 4-5pm meeting that I can't skipped. So here goes my run!
On Thursday I had another bike workout which was challenging but good. I moved the bike and the trainer in the kitchen so it is easier to see the displays!
Today was swim workout and it was tough. I only did 1700 of the 2000M but since I had a session with my trainer I don't feel too bad.
She reworked my stroke and I believe I understand what I need to do. I now have to do it and hoped I do it well.
I had a nice little chat with my coach afterwards it is still strange to think about having a coach but I love it. I love the fact the only thing I have to worry is to focus on what is required from me. To focus on technique etc...
I picked up some sushi on the way from Sushi Ota and some sake and I am now slowly fading in front of Stargate.
I am also getting a little sick, my throat is bugging me a little but I will go to sleep soon.
Also I had a biometric screening today and my body fat was measured at 25.4% which means that I'm borderline overweight! Crazy! I also had a slightly elevated glucose level which may have been caused by the fact that I ate quite late last night.
I will have a new yearly checkup and hopefully things will get better.

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