Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Learning to ride again

I had no idea that mountain biking would require me to learn how to bike all over again. That a mountain bike is actual alive and very much like a stallion tends to throw me on the ground on if I'm not smooth enough.
Last sunday we had a baby sitter watch the kids for a couple of hours and went on a ride with B. I know some couples go on a date our idea of a date is an 11M run or a 2H00 mountain biking ride.
So this time B ampted the challenge a bit and well "Black beauty" deemed me unworthy of riding on her many times on that ride. I have the bruises and scratches to prove it.
I always wonder why I have this desire to get humbled again and again and again. I liked riding on the road, I love the smoothness of pedaling as fast as possible the numbness of it all. After the pounding of the run it is like floating on the asphalt.
I love the challenge of mountain biking. I totally and utterly suck at it but what is new. It is a lot about control, smooth riding, and a equilibrium between speed and control... Yanking a bit too much on the handle bar and you are thrown on the ground. Go too slow and you end up in the bushes.... So much to learn so many more bruises and scratches to come. It would appear I only dream about scratches and bruises even though I am pretty scared of hurting myself.

Luckily I wear jeans more than skirts. However I will wear some wrist guard to protect my bones! I will bite the dirt many more times and hopefully my fear will subside slightly and I will feel more comfortable.

B out of solidarity ate shit big time that day trying to hop over some rocks in front of 10 people. He has a more impressive battle scare although I do win on the sheer number of scratches and bruises on my lower legs.

Besides that well, MAC has been sick for the past few days. Low grade fever that doesn't go anywhere. I also am sick which is really unfortunate since I was looking forward to getting back to my training.
Hopefully back to normal tomorrow and back to work. If I stay home too much I'll get funny ideas of working part time and all....

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