Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving week end

After a big meeting at work I decided to take my afternoon off. My original intent was to do some grocery shopping but instead after hitting the gym I decided to get started on MEC's Christmas dress.
That night I whipped out a pretty nice little dinner pork loin and pasta and to bed we went.
Thanksgiving day started by a 5:30am wake up call arghhh to go run a 10K. Picked up a friend, dropped off two very tired little kids and off running we went. From our group of 3 I of course was last to cross the finish line. Almost stopped after the first loop felt quite nauseous the whole race but managed to pull a 56:58min 10K which was 6.4m instead of 6.2.
Somewhere along the course decided that I could not excel at everything and that well even being a slow runner but going out as often as I do counts to something ;)

Back at the house, showered and cooked some waffles. We then went back to our friends house for a bit and crashed hard for a long nap. Woke up as everyone was finishing dinner and started cooking. B concocted some nice little lemon drops.
Dinner was very quiet as it was just the 4 of us. We had turkey, mash potatoes, apple shallot dressing, apple pie some nice wine.

Everything was quite good my apple pie was a bit dry but with some ice cream it was all good.

Friday was quite got up late and went to Oceanside to check out the pier. Followed by dinner with friends at our house. Lasagna was on the menu that night, some more lemon drops and wine.

This morning we had a baby sitter for a couple of hours while I tried to mountain bike. Again my bike even though named through me on the ground multiple time. I just realized that I'm not super comfortable on narrow trail and tight turns.... You will probably find me practicing this in the park behind my house. After 2H00 of fun and falls we came back home, at brunch/lunch at the coffee cup in La Jolla followed by a stroll along the water....
I don't know what will be for dinner, the kids want waffle....

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