Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a week...

I left you last at I have to go care of a sick little boy... Well sick little boy became sick mama, then sick mama and daddy! Yay stomach bug. Thankfully the little girl in the house escaped that one.
Monday I stayed home with MAC not feeling too hot I actually took the day off. MAC was back at school on Tuesday and me at work but not feeling 100%, on Wednesday I was back at home with B but this time feeling worse than Monday but working from home.
Finally Thursday came around and I felt human again, had lunch with a coworker which was super nice. I felt old yet again because well she graduated from highschool the year I got married. Mind you I got married at 24 but still that was like 12years ago. Boy I'm having a hard time with the 36! Friday being pre-menstrual resulted on having my dark glasses on and so it was doom and gloom or giant pit of despair day.
I got to Torrey Pines and was stuck in traffic. Finally at the bottom of the hill when well things started looking better, and I was closer to sharing a wine of glass with my neighbor BAM a car rear-ended me! Yay, luckily no one got hurt Maia who was in the car didn't scream so everything good. The poor kid who hit me felt terrible, the back left side of my car is all scrunched. Not surprising since he was driving a Suburban and I'm driving BMW station wagon :) Anyways after waiting in the cold for about 30min I finally got home to the neighbor for my glass of wine. B dealt with the insurance. We finally put the kids to bed, I finally prepared dinner, my brown rice balls which I thought would be good pre-race meal cuz well I have a half-marathon to run the next day.
I finally went to bed at 10:45pm all set up for the run the next day!

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bex said...

ahhh ce n'est pas bien!! mais... je suis heureuse que t'est bien apres l'accident!!