Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday todo list review

Today we didn't do as much as I wanted but we had good family time:

  • Slept in until 9am which was good since we didn't get to bed before 12:30 last night.
  • Cleaned up the kitchen
  • We had waffles for breakfast I am ashamed to report that it took me 3 tries to get he recipe right and I learned today that boiling the milk is not an option :)
  • Got the kids haircut while B went mountain biking
  • Hung out with the neighbor loved it
  • Got ready for my ride
  • Went riding with J. Dunkle fun fun getting stronger and faster I think ;) Loved riding my road bike and only have to worry about getting up a hill!
  • Went to the park with the kiddos
  • Went out to dinner
  • Waste some time on facebook
  • Going to bed!
Things I didn't do today
  • Groceries (booh will have to do a quick trip to Vons tomorrow night)
  • Finished the bookshelf....


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