Sunday, February 27, 2011


I just came to realize that our family walks a fine line between some sort of organization allowing us to do what we want to do most of the time and utter mayhem.
These past two weeks mayhem has been upon us.
So what tipped the balance!
  1. Accident on way home a couple weeks ago, and having to deal with having to repair my car. It will be ready end of March. More over the price of the repairs although not enough to total the car is enough for most of us to buy a new car :(
  2. Dealing with rental car and incompetency. Thankfully they came through for me and I got a nice upgrade which is quite nice as my car won't be repaired until March 31st!
  3. Had to be more involved with school stuff help the kids prepare candies for Valentines day celebration, bake cookies and make some cute little origamy pockets for a bake sale, go to a play in honor of presidents day.
  4. Figure out baby sitting arrangement for my son's week off school at a time when no other school are off and thus no camp available.
  5. Clean up the house for guests
  6. Finally deal with a sick little guy I know twice in 3 weeks awesome which then shared his sickness with me because heck sharing is caring right. He had his fare share though since he battled two viruses back to back!

Because of all of this well I was a better mother, and our house is a bit more organized but well my training has taken a second seat! Ah well that's how life is... but I'm ready to go back at it but I'm sniffling and coughing and aching so I guess I will have to wait another couple of days!

Now I'm going to continue to relax in front of Despicable me while nursing a glass of wine!

Good night!

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