Saturday, February 12, 2011

I thought last week end was busy

Well since we can't do anything like everyone this is what my Saturday looked like and what our Sunday will look like...

  • Up at 5:40am to get ready for a half-marathon
  • 6:15am friend to pick me to go to the half (to be taxied around is awesome)
  • 7:30am start a half marathon with some 128 women (yes you are reading properly this is less than my wave at the US Women triathlon) It was awesome to be at a small race.
My goals for this race were in this order: 1) Have FUN 2) Have a sustained race but don't feel sick (notice the no time/pace goal)
  • 2:08:44 cross the finish line STOKED because not only did I have a lot of FUN, I felt great the first 9M then well I felt tired and so slowed down to a more manageable pace to keep the race fun but challenging, I gave it all I had and I PRed by 3min! It was a 9:50 min/mile overall. Mind you the course was flat I mean flat not like Carlsbad flat.
  • 11:30am brunch at the beach grass
  • 12:30am not feeling good at all (stomach yelling at me for attention)
  • 1:30 relaxed and showered
  • 2 pm UTC to get MAC some stuff for his costume, he has a play for president's day celebration and needed some stuff.
  • Picked up my mountain bike
  • Grocery shopping
  • 4:45pm writing my blog waiting for the kids to come home from the air show they went to in Coronado!
  • Play with the kids
  • Clean up the kitchen
  • Prepare pre-race dinner for B
  • Go to bed and read!
  • Play cook pancakes probably with the kids while B is huffing and puffing during the San Dieguito Half marathon.
  • Sand the bookshelf and put the stain.
  • Feed the beast upon return
  • Take the kiddos to a birthday party
  • Relax for a bit put the second coat of stain
  • Go to dinner at some friends house
  • Go to bed
Pfff what a week end... Next week end will be more relaxing I promise you we have family over that should slow us down a bit! But wait do you remember Black Beauty is home and ready to go, stay tune for some scratches and bruises report next week.
Have a great evening everyone!

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