Friday, April 10, 2009

Back on track

After a very busy but yet lazy week end, I am back on track with my training. I started by an early swim on monday morning. I did succeed to get out of bed at 6:30 on a monday morning yuppie. I completed my 1400 yards in 30 minutes although I did lose count a few times. On tuesday I was very motivated and decided to do a 5 miles loop. Unfortunately my GPS died on me after 6 minutes and I did end up walk/run. I was cursing at myself for being lazy, not being tough enough etc.... When I got back I realized that with all the walking I still did a 10 min/miles - 10:30 min/miles.
This made me realize that I am running way faster than I used to and thus I have to train my body to run longer at that faster pace. I also have added a lot of workout to my week and thus should probably shouldn't be too hard on myself. As a result I decided to lighten up the running mileage a little and to start with 2 3 miles run and a 5 miler on the week end.
On wednesday I was meeting a mentor I met on GoTribal to go swim at the Cove for the first time. The conditions were rough but I had a blast. I didn't swim as much as I wanted but I learned what to do to improve and swim farther next time. Can't wait for my next swim in the ocean!
Finally on thursday I dragged Bunny for an outdoor 3 miles run. I have been trying to drag NeverTap out too but she is "intimidated" by us because we completed a half marathon. News flash we run as fast and as long as you on the treadmill... get your butt outside and come run with us.
Finally was my day off... I read a lot about other women triathlete, their workout regimen etc... It is crazy!
Before I close the triathlon box, I found a ironkid event and I would love to have MAC attend maybe next year or in 2! Good cause and I think he will have so much fun.
On the other front I have started to fall asleep in front of the TV again which is caused by my training regimen. I am still super anxious for the triathlon in May.
My sister and her family (husband and 2 kids) are coming tonight and I'm super duper excited to have them over.
Tomorrow I am planning a BRICK workout (9 miles bike ride and 1.6 miles run), sunday is a long run.
I will post on my weekly menus since they were really yummy.

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