Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lazy lazy

On Friday I really enjoyed my day off working out.... I didn't expect this day off to last 3 days! I will blame it on our crazy schedule, a small disagreement with B which of course took place between midnight and 1am!
Friday evening after coming home from work and put the kids in bed we had a nice dinner of jerk chicken and rice and 4 cosmopolitan.... Ooooh that wasn't such a great idea because the next morning I was really really out of it! I got up with the kids, got a nice cup of coffee and at 10am started the marathong of the day very hung over. I ran to Toys rus to buy MAC birthday present and some party favors, then onto Ralph for food for the cake.
Anyways he had a nice little birthday party with a few friends.
This morning we went to swimming lesson then onto a starwars birthday party. Finally we were home around 1pm, and puttered around the yard. The day is so nice that I want to get out there and get my vegetable garden. I will probably plants some tomatoes, zuchinis, peas, strawberries.
In the meantime I moved my really really sorry looking lemon tree swapped places with a gaura. I think this poor tree has been sun deprived and thus I am putting him in the front yard.
Then I proceeded to help MAC build his pirate toys in lego. Finally I went to do the grocery shopping at Trader Joes and when I got back all my motivation to go for a 6 miles run was replaced by a headache.
Tomorrow morning I will get up for my swim, I will run 4-5 miles on tuesday swim at the Cove(1/4 miles) on wednesday, run 4-5 miles on thursday take friday off, bike on saturday followed by a mile run and run my hard 6 miles loop on Sunday. Pfffff now I'm going to enjoy a really nice evening in San Diego and go to bed early.... wait laundry calls me darn it ;)
This week at the Coon's estate dinner menu we will have:
Ahi tuna, partially homemade pizza, Coon's boeuf bourguignon, homemade tomato soup... stay tune for some recipes, pictures of birthday cake and more updates on the training for my sprint triathlon.


Bunny said...

i skipped out on yoga today to garden outside in the nice weather too. don't worry, we deserve to be lazy for once (in our case lazy means still running lots of errands and doing "stuff" haha).

JV said...

You intimidate the hell out of me.