Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back to the roots

Still no triathlon training posting because I have been really really lazy. I planned a run on friday night and was hoping to be able to go with B, but since we were going out on a date in Encinitas he decided he would go run on his own ;( I was contemplating a swim at the Cove because I really really need to get back in the water before Solana Beach Tri, but I didn't have enought time to get down there, swim and then get to encinitas on time.
So instead I went to the happy hour at work, didn't eat nor drink anything but I chatted with friends.
The evening was pleasantly spent with some friends who are about as busy as we are which means we don't get to hang out with as much as we'd like to.
Today I really wanted to go for 20 miles bike ride. Of course I forgot we had brunch scheduled with some other really cool friends, then the weather was crap. Then I read about this lady who got in a bike accident and that cooled me down somewhat. Finally I had to go do some grocery shopping and gave up on the ride. I am planning on going tomorrow though.
Instead I cooked all afternoon. First we are running out of strawberry and thus I bought 4lbs of them and made another batch. MAC wanted banana bread I think he wanted a little diversity from the awsome chocolate cake and orange cake his grandmother is wipping out left and right. So we made banana bread. Then since I don't really want to go out for mother's day I decided to have a nice breakfast at home and decided to make bread. So I started making Challah bread.
Finally we had a nice dinner, filet mignon, caramelized onions with seared polenta yum yum.
I have to say, with all the events of the past few weeks I have been wanting to go back to the root. Go back to live a simple life, a nice one I may add but yet simple. I would like to grow more of our vegetable, make more of the food we eat buy less consumable. My sister says I am ready to live in Norway or Sweden....
Anyways it is good for me that I love cooking, creating and baking so much. I just gotta get back on my bike. Training starts back on monday with a swim session at 6:30am.

Another guy I know raced with me on sunday, I don't think he expected me to get as close to him as I did. Now I want to keep in his shaddow or beat him... but for that I really have to improve my swimming, and biking! At least it is motivation.

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JV said...

Back to roots... that sounds like such a wonderful idea! Happy Mother's day!