Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sooo guilty

I was lazy today, well it is the last day I can use the excuse, I am not training to stay with my parents ;) They are leaving tomorrow morning which always leaves me in a funky mood.
The day didn't start really well since my dad took off with the kids car seats not used to have them in the car so we missed their swimming lesson:( Anyways I was tired don't ask me why since I really didn't do squat all day. A little reading, a little cleaning (gotta get used to it again ahahah) a little cooking.
So tomorrow my alarm clock will be set at 6:15 for an am swim...
The weather has also been less than optimal. It's mid may and I am wearing jeans and a sweater... Oops I forgot May gray June gloom arghhh I need nice blue skies.
My next triathlon is in 8 weeks yikes it is coming up fast! Ah well I'm there to have fun right ;)

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