Sunday, May 3, 2009

One more check mark

Today I participated in my first sprint triathlon. The distances were .25 miles, 9 miles bike and 3 miles run. I finished in 1:15:34 which I think is better than I expected but since I decided to enjoy myself and not worry about times etc... I left my garmin at home thus I have no idea of my pace in either bike nor run. All I know is that I had fun, that the run is still the harder bit. That is maybe due to the fact that I ran it as an idiot with no socks wanting to save 30 seconds on my transition time ahahah.

It was great to see B's face at every corner which made the finish line of this race a great experience whereas the end of the Carlsbad was pretty daunting!

Anyways I set my base and will now try to improve my times and I am planning my next race maybe Solana Beach in July and then the all women triathlon in October...

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Bunny said...


so proud of you! you're officially a triathloner!