Friday, May 8, 2009

What else...

As you may all have notice, triathlon has been put on the front line lately but a lot more things are going on in my life.
On the reading front, I just finished (a year after starting very unlike me) a book about an amazing woman "Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi. I would highly recommend it. I always find it interesting to learn about other way of life, usually way less cushy than my own upbringing. With recent unpleasantness at home, I picked up one of my feel good book, Good Things. This book makes me fantasize about living in the woods next to a lake. I will always have the image of the beautiful house, we stumbled upon while fishing on a lake in Montana. I know it may be funny to a lot of you but even though I was raised in the middle of Paris, I have a secret wish to live in the country somewhere. Anyways if we go down the path of fantasy, I wish I was a more rugged person. I wish I was more adventurous and back packed around the world. Even when picking triathlon I feel like I chose the more civilized version of the sport instead of the more adventurous one which are the XTerra event.
I have also been enjoying the sight of our kids with their grandparents. One of the benefits is to witness the amazing progress of MAC in french. He will now speak to me in french when before he would solely answer me in english. MEC is still a little bit small but she sprinkles french words in her sentences. So going to the beach is now going to la plage.
Lately we have been cooking a lot as usual. My mom being a cake machine with the help of her helper who wants orange cakes and chocolate cakes every other day!
On the training front I gave myself a week of break which I'm enjoying and I am preparing myself mentally for a somewhat structured training program. I read a lot about other triathletes and I came to the conclusion that at this stage of my life training is one of the other thing I do. The things I really won't give up for a triathlon, spending quality time with my husband after the kids go to bed, spending quality time with the kids,cook healthy and tasty meals, work, paint maybe. However I know that I still can accomplish a lot with the time I have and that puts a smile on my face so I can't weasle my way out of training!
On that note, with pandora tuned on my "Travis station" I will get back to my code which is screaming at me.

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JV said...

Yes, I think you should paint. In fact, I have a bright white little spot in my foyer that needs in original piece ;) Thanks for the book suggestions...