Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh me oh my look how much time has gone by!

I always curse at my fellow bloggers when I have nothing new to read every day or so. Then I realized that it has been over a week since my last blog post huh make it two weeks.
Life has been busy I guess with what well not much. We are back to our four member family which is great but sad at the same time. The kids have been great always a little whining spreakled here and there but in general fun fun fun. MAC is now speaking to me I would say 80% in french which is super cute. He is making so much progress. MEC is the little lady funny and stubborn, my mom nicknamed her "Miss I do it".
I have finally found a good training plan which helped me get my training back on track and thus my life. I now understand why so many people say that succeeding in triathlon will help you succeed in anything you do. Even for someone in decent athletic shape it is imperative to follow some kind of training consistently. 3 activities require someone to make exercize part of their life, In other word to put together a plan. Personnaly this is what I have to do to fit in all the stuff I want to do, to be productive at work and to workout with a purpose.
I also realized that a beginner olympic distance training plan is just a bit more than what I'm doing right now which means that if I focus my training it isn't unreasonnable for me to do my first olympic next year ;) or wait another year ;)
To finish the training part of the post, I went to swim at the Cove two weeks in a row. Last friday morning I diligently woke up at 6am to go swim and although I felt a little smothered when I first started and when I encountered kelp I was able to swim 0.5 miles. Tonight I went back and I didn't feel smothered at all and did again a nice 0.5 miles I believe that it took us about 18 minutes. I was also able to focus on my technique rather than my breathing. The fact that the cove was absolutely glassy helped a lot. I remember the first time I went to the Cove with T and the waves were soooo big!
Tomorrow I will get a trainer for my bike and thus won't have any excuses to weasle my way out of my mid-week bike training.
For memorial day week end we went and relaxed in Lake Havasu City where we visited some friends. It was glorious, we hung out by the pool and totally relaxed.
This is the end of a very very boring post ;)

Oh and before I forget I have to add a little food. I made a yummy delicious bread pudding with some leftover challah bread I made over 2 weeks ago. Not only was it delicious but also brain dead... This recipe just won the easiest-best dessert prize.
Now this is the end of a very dry post....

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