Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rolling up my sleeves...

It is not my nature to whine about things and not do anything about it. I also make sure to not listen to my evil voices too much.
Yes I can't train for an ironman today and even not a half ironman but who cares! The only reason I do is because I see other people do it and then it is a game of if they do it then I should be able to do it! STUPID.
Yes I arrived 26 out of 40 of my age group for my first triathlon which wasn't optimal, then a friend of mine added how did I do in the full time (8:30-6) working mom, with 2 kids, no family in town category ;) It is true who cares if I'm slower than most did I have fun, did I sacrifice too much for the training? The answer is yes and no. I made some choices and I stand by them. Lets not switch the stories when we want to feel inadequate ;)
Another fellow triathlete and mentor reminded me that she is doing triathlon for the love of the sport and not for how she staks up to other. I have tried to follow her advice because to be frank who the hell cares besides be if I ran 3 miles in 27 minutes or 25 minutes! The only thing is I want to look back and be able to say: "I did the best I could in the situation"
So enough about feeling inadequate and miserable because I run slower than my husband. Just keep going because little by little we become less little.

On that note Solana Beach triathlon here I come!


Bunny said...

Excellent attitude! Glad to see you out of the rut :).

JV said...

AHHHH! I LOVE that you used "the motto"... though I have to admit it does sound much more eloquent in French... "Petit a suis...croissant...viola...and whatever other French words I learned in 1 semester"