Saturday, May 16, 2009


Mom's I realized are meant to spoil. I spoil my kids and I get spoiled by my mom in return many different ways. I don't know if it is because we only see each other 7 weeks out of the year in bulk but she always is buying me that little top that I really like but shouldn't buy or that pair of shoes.
She also has a mission when she comes to my house; To help us! This means that I haven't started the dishwasher in a month and I haven't done laundry in as many weeks. My closets are never that full and neatly folded.
Today we went to UTC to buy my dad some jeans from Gap, MEC some leggins as she loves those and only want to wear them. I got spoiled with a pair of shoes I was eyeing at Nordstroms.

I spoiled myself with a top from Anthropologie (that store is evil) paid with left over gift card.

I had to resist the temptation to get the cutest tunic which would have fitted perfectly with my dark grey leggin but which was out of my price range of the moment ;)

So today was light shopping. Yesterday I went to my GOTRibal POW WOW and it was fun. Three great speakers were there and it is fun to learn and chat with another women.
After that I met B and his cousin at a little sushi place tucked in the lounge of the Crowne Plaza hotel. The settings was a little different but the food was delicious. Unfortunately a pretty loud abnoxious table of drunk people behind us made any discussion a little difficult.
I took the day off workout and I will try to go for a run tomorrow with B but I may just stay and spend sometimes with my parents. They are taking a flight back to Paris early monday morning.
It will be nice to get back to our little unit but also sad to see them go.... Life is full of those bitter sweet moments ;)
Finally on the cooking front. I am giving the Challah roll another shot, I made banana bread with chocolate chip with the kids and I am trying a new porc loin recipe for a nice dinner... Stay tuned on the food snob channel

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